Valcour Records 

November 29 at 10:58 AM · 

Fais Do Do: Louisiana Lullabies officially released today! 

Singers, multi-instrumentalists, educators, folklorists, authors, visual artists, and mothers Ann Savoy​ and Jane Vidrine​ have compiled a unique collection of vintage children’s songs, ballads, and lullabies which features 18 songs on a CD packaged in an attractive 28-page 8.5” x 8.5” bound book complete with lyrics and translations, music transcriptions and guitar chords. 

We've put together a calendar of upcoming release events (see link) so you'll know where to go to purchase the collection, catch a performance, and maybe event have your booklet signed. Of course you can also purchase Fais Do Do: Louisiana Lullabies from the Valcour website as long as our stock lasts!